Leica CityMapper-2

The  Leica CityMapper-2 is specifically designed for airborne urban mapping and  offers twice the data collection performance to addresses the urgent need for  3D data. The world’s only hybrid oblique imaging and LiDAR airborne sensors,  captures two nadir (RGB/NIR) and four oblique 150 MP images every 0.9 seconds  providing the highest resolution to visualise every corner of the city. With  a new generation 2 MHz pulse rate LiDAR, this sensor breaks all conventional  barriers of urban mapping.


Allowing users to collect at higher flying heights and speeds while still  delivering the same GSD and positional accuracy, this system provides  unmatched efficiency for urban mapping applications. As part of Leica  RealCity, CityMapper-2 is designed to create digital twins of cities in the  shortest time, with the lowest operating expense.    


The newly developed Leica MFC150 cameras with customised low-distortion  lenses can deliver pixel sizes as small as 2 cm at high flying speeds thanks  to mechanical forward-motion-compensation (FMC). The 2 MHz linear-mode LiDAR  sensor delivers 3 cm range accuracy and is optimised for data collection in  urban environments.    


The system is available in three configurations for low, standard and  high-altitude flights to meet customers’ needs and to adapt to local weather  and flight regulations. The CityMapper-2 is a compact package with embedded  system controller and storage, which makes it easy to install in any survey  aircraft.    


The Leica HxMap high-performance workflow was upgraded to meet the demands  of CityMapper-2 data processing. Edge computing creates fully calibrated high  quality image data for rapid QC and emergency response applications. On the  LiDAR side, discrete returns are extracted from the full waveform for the  fastest processing speeds.

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Leica CityMapper-2

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