Leica Chiroptera-5

Leica  Chiroptera-5, the high-performance airborne sensor, combines topographic and  bathymetric LiDAR channels with a 4-band camera to deliver seamless data from  water to land. The system provides 40% higher point density, a 20% increase  in water depth penetration and improved topographic sensitivity compared to  previous generations. The sensor delivers detailed LiDAR data of submerged  terrain and objects and supports numerous applications such as nautical  charting, erosion risk assessment, environmental monitoring and seabed  classification.


Near real-time data processing enables coverage analysis immediately after  landing, allowing operators to QC the data quickly before demobilising the  system. The Leica LiDAR Survey Studio (LSS) processing suite provides full  waveform analysis and offers automatic calibration, refraction correction and  data classification.    


Combining superior resolution, depth penetration and topographic  sensitivity, Chiroptera-5 provides best-in class productivity for various  environmental applications such as shoreline erosion monitoring, flood  simulation, prevention and benthic habitat classification, habitat mapping  and archeological discovery.    


Chiroptera-5 superior sensor performance allows customer to collect more  data during every survey flight and to capture larger areas of submerged  terrain and objects with greater detail. The sensor is designed to fit a  stabilising mount, enabling more efficient area coverage with decreased  operational costs.    


Bundled with FAA/EASA certified helicopter pod, Chiroptera-5 enables  advanced terrain-following flying paths for efficient river mapping and  complex coastal surveys​. Owners of previous generation system are offered an  easy upgrade to add capabilities to their existing sensor.

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Leica Chiroptera-5

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