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LiHawk  is an aerial LiDAR surveying system designed for large area and long-range 3D  data collection projects. The system is designed to be mounted to a  fixed-wing airplane platform or multi-rotor UAV and features a Riegl VUX-1LR  laser scanner coupled with a best-in class inertial measurement unit (IMU)  for increased point cloud accuracy and precision. LiHawk is wellsuited for  projects aiming to map terrain features beneath forest canopies and extract  structural parameters from forest LiDAR data. The centimeter-level accuracy  of this measurement device will meet the rigorous accuracy demands of civil  engineering and critical infrastructure maintenance professionals. And the  high-definition digital camera module can be used to generate photogrammetry  products as well as true color 3D point clouds during each LiDAR survey.


The system can be mounted on different platforms (e.g.UAV LiAir series or  fixed-wing airplane platform) for data collection.    


GVI supports self-developed software for data collection, data  georeferencing, data post-processing and data analysis. GVI’s Software Suite  provides you a one-stop solution without using any other third-party  software.    


LiHawk is a highly integrated LiDAR system, with only 5.3 kg weight without  camera. The system supports an external solid-state drive to store the collected data, which eliminates the time to download data from the system  and improves operational efficiency.

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GreenValley LiHawk

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